Uber claims 267, 000 riders in Nigeria, now in 75 countries

Four years into its operations in Africa, Uber, an American private hire company headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States, has created about 29,000 jobs.

It develops, markets and operates the Uber car transportation and food delivery mobile apps. Uber drivers use their own cars, although drivers can rent a car to drive with Uber

The Guardian gathered that in Nigeria, Uber has 267,000 riders, who actively utilize the app/service and 7,000 drivers, who support the business by driving people. In Ghana, it has 140, 000 active riders and 3000 drivers.

The firm, which celebrated its fourth year of operations on the Continent at the weekend, informed that more than 1.8 million active riders use the app since its launch in Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2013.

According to the firm, Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has certainly benefitted from Uber’s arrival, citizens now have a new, reliable way to get around, “entrepreneurs have found a new way to earn an income and cities have also benefitted – with possibly less cars on the road and therefore less carbon emissions.”

The firm explained that in a region of high unemployment and stagnating economic prospects, it’s business partnership approach provides an accessible means for entrepreneurs to not only supplement their own income, but also to become small business owners, thereby helping to improve the lives and futures of individuals, families and communities.

The steadily growing number of Uber driver-partners in countries across the region is testament to the appeal of the model, because it creates real opportunities for local entrepreneurs. And as demand for rides also grows, so does the demand for driver-partners.

Uber General Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, Alon Lits, said currently, the firm has more than 29 000 driver-partners taking advantage of Uber’s earning opportunities.

“Drivers love being as flexible as they like; earning what they want, when they want, whether it’s a full-time entrepreneur or someone looking to supplement their income.

“Ongoing commitment to our driver-partners is a key priority; ensuring they receive the latest in technological innovations means they can be at the top of their game,” Lits added.

Lits said Uber continues to open support hubs across the continent to ensure driver-partners are well-equipped.