Tools to help you work 'SMART-er'.

Hard work is good, but you can be more efficient when you make that hard work, smart work. What's the use in working long hours just to be burnt out or worse still, not having achieved your goal? says "The phrase “work smart” is different for every person depending on their unique personal mission statement and definition of success. Having self-awareness allows an individual to prioritize his or her own needs, ask for help, cut losses, and build upon strengths in an intentional manner. In other words, working smart essentially means figuring out what your strengths are and building a network around you to build upon those in order to reach goals in the quickest and most efficient way possible."

Here are some of Naija Startups' curated tools which help drive productivity for entrepreneurs in their daily activities:

1. Mix Max

Never have to send the same email repeatedly again. Or even worse, is to bcc. all your recipients such that emails end up in their spam. With MixMax, you can manage your Gmail account, send the same email customised to multiple recipients, get free email tracking (see who's opened your email and who hasn't), run polls and more.

2. Hello Sign

Now, you have more of an incentive to develop contracts and agreements with service providers, collaborators and partners. With Hello Sign, all you need is the other party's digital or eSignature. No printing and scanning needed, and what's more, you are saving paper!

3. Write Rack

This is probably our most exciting tool. Created by a Nigerian, WriteRack is a new solution that helps you auto-tweet storm. Tweet storming is when you break up long sentences or paragraphs into separate tweets, numbering each tweet in a sequential order. With WriteRack, it does all of that for you! Pretty neat.

4. Follow Up

Trying to keep up with maintaining business relationships when you have a million and one other things on your dashboard? is a free service for Gmail. Rather than have things hanging in your inbox, FollowUp actually flags follow-up actions for you.

source- naija start up