Building the Best Environment for Creative Employees

Many companies struggle because they are just following the bandwagon, the latest fad; but the latest fad is often not sustainable. Hence, there is a need to invest in building a formidable team of creative people. Although some companies have in-house creative departments, these teams struggle to produce the right output because the right environment has not been provided. Many celebrated companies such as Apple have been able to provide the right environment for its employees to spur their creativity. Here are some principles to bolster your creative team and earn the benefits of their maximised potential:

Make Creativity Top Priority

This can be done by ensuring that everyone in the management team is a champion of design thinking. Even employees who do not have direct roles in this area should know that innovation and creativity are the company’s highest priority. It is imperative to ensure that your core values resonate with the anticipated aim to be design driven. Without this level of commitment, it may be hard for organisations to create a sustainable environment for creativity and innovation.

Invest in Requisite Tools

This is necessary to support the work of the creative arm of the business; which may include software developers, programmers, graphic designers, illustrators, animators, writers and more. Just like every other department within the company which gets paramount consideration, the creative team should also be given a front row seat. It is a great investment in the future of the business.

Create an Atmosphere for Idea Generation

Do you think your creative team is not as productive they should be? Then, this is an option that can be explored to get their creative juices flowing again. Some of the amazing products and updates we have today were not ideas developed within the walls of an office cubicle. Provide the opportunity to think  outside the office for your team. Yes, maybe this may the best time to approve that much needed retreat the creative team has been requesting, for the past six months. It is imperative not to limit the team to innovating during the daily 9 – 5 routine.

Have a Holistic View

Giving team members a holistic view helps them to see how it all comes together, especially if you run a production or manufacturing business. Frequent interface with all other departments, especially the manufacturing process will enable your creative team to become fully conversant with the life-cycle of product development and see the finished products of their ideas. It also gives them a good grasp of what goes into the production process, which may also aid to stimulate more creative ideas.

Give Credit

Celebrate the success of your creative team and endeavour to know their names. It is very disheartening when an individual is not dully recognized and credited for their work. Likewise, having your name linked to a new design or innovation is just simply exhilarating.

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