Fun Facebook Messenger Bots To Play With Right Now

Many UX experts suggest that conversational interfaces and chatbots are going to be the next big things on the Internet. While most of the bots are quite dumb and even controversial, there are some bots that can entertain, educate, assist and help you in various situations.

If you find yourself waiting at a grocery store or simply have some time to kill you might want to try a chatbot powered by Facebook Messenger.

Chances are you have never heard of them and don’t know where to find the best ones. Check out this list of 20 fun Facebook Messenger bots to play with and have a peek at the future of online interaction.

Game of Thrones Survival is a fun treat for its fans. It has two basic modes that you can try out: the “7 Kingdoms Quiz” to test out your knowledge and the opportunity to “Live the Adventure.”

MojiHunt is a colorful, simplistic and addictive game with storytelling to play via Facebook Messenger. The main components of the game are emoticons which you will use to reach a higher level and gifs that go with the story. Go ahead and blow up some bad guys and feed some sharks with junk food.

NewsBytes is a bot for those who like to keep up with the news daily. The choices of news vary from the latest news to today’s news digest. After choosing, you receive a list of illustrated articles and depending on the time you want to spend reading, press either the summary or the full story. The bot also offers the opportunity to instantly share the news with your friends.


Instalocate bot helps you track your flight on Facebook Messenger, so you could basically call it a personal flight assistant. To understand the main functions of the bot and make the best of using it, it suggests you see an example. Receive alerts about flight delays, flight status and get a compensation in case of flight delay.

Lingio Quiz+Translate is a chat bot that will help you learn by quizzing you and translate anything you like.

Lingio Quiz+Translate is a chat bot that will help you learn by quizzing you and translate anything you like. The original option is to translate from English to Spanish, but you can change it anytime you want and go straight to a quiz mode and collect candies as points.

Dad Joke Bot is another exciting bot that gives you a big bunch of jokes to laugh from, have a break and just have a fun time. The only simple option while playing with this bot is “Gimme a joke” and afterward, you receive a fatherhood-themed joke. If you’d like, you can even submit one of your own jokes.

Erwin is a bot of riddles - if you are one of those people who are excited by solving riddles, you’ll love it. To start playing and solving, simply type “riddle.” If you find some riddles too difficult, you can just ask for help by typing in “clue.”

Hi Poncho is an excitingly fun and beautifully animated weather forecast cat-bot. Tomas Laurinavicius
Hi Poncho is an excitingly fun and beautifully animated weather forecast cat-bot.

Hi Poncho is an excitingly fun and beautifully animated weather forecast cat-bot. To receive personalized information, you will have to let the app use your location. After that, Poncho the cat will ask you various questions about your location and send you weather information at a specific time you set. It will ask you if you like to run and if so, you will receive a jog forecast as well.

ProjectMurphy is a fictional character that can answer “What if…” questions. You can ask anything that pops into your head - celebrities, personal questions, existential questions etc. The bot will answer you with a picture that represents the answer to your question.


Whatson is a quiz game that starts right away when you choose to “Play.” It will give you random questions about movies, celebrities, the solar system and a few options to choose from. If your guess is correct, you’ll collect the total of 10 points, and if not - you lose the same amount and will be guided to the next question.

Coffee Break

Coffee Break is a fun bot to play with and have a little break from whatever you are up to. At the start of the conversation, the bot offers you a menu… Of games! You can choose between Produce Market Fit, A/B Taps, Rapid Pro-mole-tap and Tappy Turd. Simply tap on one of the games and start playing.

Foxsy is basically a personal assistant for matchmaking, for those who are looking forward to finding new friends with common interests. The bot offers you various suggestions of people who are also looking for someone to talk to and shows you their profiles with basic info. Afterward, you can choose to send a letter to the person and Foxsy is always there to guide you through each step.

Durian the Bot sends you hilarious jokes and memes with a personal comment and asks you to rate them - either it’s “Crap” or “Fine.” If you don’t like the content, the bot offers something completely different and if you choose “Fine,” it shows something similar. You can proceed as long as you like and laugh all the way through.

Unicorn Bay is a finance bot that offers much different information about the finance section: visually pleasing charts, stock information and trends, possibility to search by company and other references, statistics etc.

Cat Pic Bot Who doesn’t love cats, right? Cat Pic Bot will send you hilarious and cute pictures or gifs of the cats, and more to that - you can ask how’s the bot doing, ask it to tell you some cat facts, make it ask you a question and much more.

Alex WikiMessenger is a clever bot that can give you endless information about your interests. All you have to do is to enter a keyword or a few of them to get answers to your questions with illustrations. Next step is to type in another keyword or view more information about the previous one.

WTF Is That? is a recognition bot and an information center right there in your Facebook Messenger. All you have to do is send a picture of something that you would like to know, for example, the name of. It could be an exotic fruit, a castle or a car. The bot will tell you what it is and you can either like it or dislike it.

MemeGenerator Bot To starts creating memes via MemeGenerator Bot, the first thing you have to do is type a keyword for your meme or choose from the suggested ones, for example, “cat.” The next step is to select a picture from the offered ones. Then you simply tell the bot what kind of text you would like to put in on the top and bottom of the picture and your meme is finished.

HealthTap is a personal consultant for health-related questions that will provide you with tips and answers to your problems or concerns. One thing to have in mind - this app offers help from professionals so you will be asked to provide some extra information.

Jessie's Story is an artificial intelligence bot that you can chat with. The girl-bot called Jessie will keep telling you her story in which you can participate by answering with anything that pops into your mind.