Stop spreading false stories and images of attacks, Kaduna State Security Council warns

The Kaduna State Security Council today reviewed the situation in three local government areas that are under curfew. The council noted that the security agencies have taken actions that are preventing attacks, and stabilising the situation in Jema’a, Kaura and Zangon-Kataf local government areas.
The council welcomes the efforts of the security agencies in thwarting attacks and helping to foster a growing sense of safety. However, the council also received reports of a spike in false stories of attacks and killings. These appear tailored to promote panic within communities, create fear and provoke a spiral of reprisals and vengeance.

The Kaduna State Security Council warns that anyone spreading false stories and images of attacks is liable to be prosecuted. If any individual or community is attacked, the correct and lawful procedure is to report to traditional rulers and the police, who have the statutory duty to record the incident, investigate and ascertain its veracity and take steps to establish the identity of victim and perpetrator, amongst others.
The security council said that everyone must reject fictitious reports and exaggeration which needlessly complicate the sober and serious efforts being exerted to advance peace and security.